Athena Mao

Year: 3rd

College: Sixth

Major: International Business

Minor: Accounting

Favorite Things: I love simp music, r&b, rap, hip-hop, and allat. My fav artist is Miguel and fav band is Lany, they’re both hella different but Athena loves variety! I’m always open to listen to new music tho. Feel free to follow me on Spotify, @athenameow8, and peep my playlists hehe I also love Instigating people into things, “s**t o’ clock” , and spending time with my family 🙂

Favorite Hobbies: Being headass, laughing at dumb jokes, listening to music, going to Barona, hanging out with friends and family, & tea time with my sisters!

What are you looking for in a Little? 

I’m looking for a little who is down afff! Whether it’s to hang out and randomly get food or to “s**t o’ clock” with me. Someone who’s active and has similar music taste so we can go to concerts or music festivals together hehe ALSO NO FLAKES. I get enough of that from Liz ):

What’s up littos! It’s Athena and I’m stepping into the shade room (if you get this reference then +10 brownie points hehe). So I really enjoy keeping updated on what’s happening in pop culture, like the Nicki Cardi fight? W I L D. Always gotta stay updated for the C U L T U R E. I unfortunately don’t vroom vroom skrt skrt, but my awesome big aka your grand, Harry, does and we have a bucket list to finish before he graduates this year!! So be prepared to have lots of hangouts with me, Harry, and our other friendos!! hehe okie byeee