Big Events

We have lots of throughout the year but here are some of our more popular events!

Academic Events

Study Jams

Held throughout the year, (especially during midterm and finals season) Study Jams allow members a space to study with others. Study buddies are guaranteed, but a high GPA is not!

High School Conference

Our annual High School Conference provides local high school students and sneak peak of the college life. Students come to visit the campus and we provide workshops about the college life, grades, and internships.


Cultural Events

Vietnamese Culture Night

Our Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN) is held every year and showcases morals and traditions of the Vietnamese culture. Our organization spends over a quarter preparing for the show, which features a play, dancing, and other performances.


Community Events

Giving Thanks Dinner

Every year, we hold a Giving Thanks Dinner, where all the proceeds are donated to charity. Set up as a potluck, our members can provide food for the potluck or pay to have some delicious food!

Service Auction

Held at the very end of the quarter, our Cabinet auctions off services that our members can bid on! Services range from being a personal Uber driver to making a delicious meal. All the proceeds are given to charity.


Social Events

La Jolla S’mores

Previously known as Girls’ and Guys’ Night Out, La Jolla S’mores is our annual beginning of the year bonfire. It is one of our biggest events where people come to mingle and meet new people.

Winter Retreat

Over Winter Break, we allow our members a chance to travel to Big Bear Mountain with us for a weekend of fun. During this weekend, members can snowboard, hike, have snowball fights, and most importantly bond!