Cynthia Shiau

Year: 2nd

College: Warren

Major: International Business

Minor: Accounting

Favorite Things: Favorite kind of food: Sushi, favorite vietnamese food: pho, favorite color pink & black, favorite drink: soy milk, green tea latte with soy milk, milk. Favorite ice cream flavor: Pistachio

Favorite Hobbies: Baking, watching TV/Movies/Anime, reading, napping, going out to eat, going out in general.

What are you looking for in a little?

I’m looking for someone who I can hangout with and talk to, someone to guide, someone that will be willing to eat my baked goods, and if they want someone to have a wholesome time with.

Hello! I’m excited to meet my littles. I hope you enjoy wholesome fun and desserts! Have a great wonderful day. uwu. *3*