David Nguyen

Year: 2nd

College: Warren

Major: Cog Sci Machine Learning

Minor: Computer Science

Favorite Things: smash (the game), overwatch, skating, ice skating, cage the elephant, panic at the disco

Favorite Hobbies: Video games, skating, board games

What are you looking for in a little?

 looking for a little who eats food and is bad at board games

Hi future little, You’re prob wondering, who is this edgy looking-ass man? It is I, the fakest cs major around. If you choose to become my little, I will attempt to spoil you without spending too much of my hard earned money. If you have no friends, I got maybe one that I can share with you. If you by any chance get poisoned at a “social gathering,” I will be there to save you. If you want a pseudo big who attacks you personally on daily basis, I’m your guy! If you find yourself failing school, go to office hours. thank