Here at UCSD, we have many families in VSA. Some are new, while others are old. Each has a different name that reflects their personality and branches in different ways. If you can’t seem to find a family that fits you, you could even start your own tree! 

Family trees are a work in progress. So if you have a family tree please submit them to us, it would be a great help! Also, if any of the family trees have wrong or missing information, notify us as well so we can get it right! On the family trees we are looking for the name of the Anh, Chi, or Em, their college, and line names.

Named Families


Attractive AF

Bad Decisions

Bang Mi

B!tch Fam

Crossed Fam

Cute and Cocky

Cup Noodle


Down Fam

Duck Dynasty

Ho Fam

Just Us Fam

No Sex Fam

Red Fam


Sweatpants Fam

Sunshine Fam

Underwater Squad


Helen Tran’s Family