Franklin Moirao

Year: 2nd year Transfer

College: Muir

Major: Math Applied Science

Minor: Design

Favorite Things: Video Games, Dance, Food, Boba, Tech, Dramas, Languages.

Favorite Hobbies: All of the things

What are you looking for in a Little?

I’m looking for someone to spend time with by going on food adventures, play games with, and/or do whatever with. Hopefully be able be there for them and share life advice if needed. It would be cool to find someone that can teach me a thing or too as well.

Idk how to write any of these forums or anything >.< I swear I am much better in person. Tbh I have never been to rave or concert before O.o but there is a first time for everything! Sleep is good, Geisel is a sad boi jail. I don’t really use social media. I love and hate people all at the same time c: subtle asian traits is currently my life. Um.. Adventures? Food? UwU? AMA? What else do I say here @.@ Wholesome or Hoesome… Kbye~