Heidi Tran

Year: 2nd

College: Revelle

Major: Linguistics- Speech and Language Sciences

Favorite Things: food (korean, mexican, etc.), watching random Youtube Videos, boba, mf throwbacks, tropical house edm, karaoke, jamming to anything, shopping for good deals

Favorite Hobbies: being a headass

What are you looking for in a Little? 

an active little who’s down to have fun but also a little who enjoys simpin and chillin on a random night

Hi lil cutie(s), it me Heidi. First off, let me say I’m kind of a broke ass bih but I will spoil you with my attention and love!! I love to laugh and be a headass so if you’re also a lil messed up in the head, we’ll be unstoppable HAHA. I’ll always offer you my shoulder, whether you need some emotional support or some physical support bc you might’ve taken a lil too much of a certain smth…anyway although I seem pretty extroverted, my social battery can get drained p quick. So I also enjoy just chilling and doing low maintenance things, whether it be studying, binging shows, or having random ass convos throughout the day. Fun Fact: OC native here so I’ll never stop saying how great OC is xd