Jade Tran

Year: 2nd

College: Warren

Major: Chemical Engineering

Minor: Physics

Favorite Things: TV/Movies: MCU movies, DCEU shows Music: K-R&B, K-Rap, K-Hip-Hop Food: Korean, Japanese, Mexican food, anything matcha, boba

Favorite Hobbies: Outdoor activites (hiking, bouldering, kayaking, etc.), astronomy, online shopping, binge watching shows, singing, board/card games

What are you looking for in a Little?

Someone who won’t be offended by my dark sense of humor. Must be down for random adventures, but won’t mind chilling.

A-yo kiddos, your future big is here to pick you up. If ya want someone that won’t bother you 24/7, then you’ve come to the right person! I’m the farthest definition of clingy, but I’ll still take good care of you. Our fam is big on its own, but just know you’re gonna be absorbed into a group called Bún Bò Baes. It’s illegal to leave, so we’ll be stuck with them for a loooong while. Also, expect me to drag you out to lots of events cause I’m on cab and so you’re basically required to come out.