Josh Robertson

Year: 4th

College: Warren

Major: Computer Engineering

Favorite Things: Kpop, Frozen, cheetos, boba, ABGs, chinese food, Pekoe, beans, BLACKPINK, bacardi, chicken nuggets (i have a collection!!), rice

Favorite Hobbies: piano, hiking, board games, any form of socializing, fish tanks, boba, Kpop, being lazy, drinking w a t e r

What are you looking for in a Little? 

I am looking for someone who’s super down and wants to go on cool adventures and have fun!! I also want someone I can be a mentor figure to.

– esfp – i am odd – i have an actual addiction to boba – i love the bean – i love RICE – i love fun people – i love fun weird people the most – i love all kinds of people – i love trying new things – i hate doing work – i am half white half chinese – i love vsa – i am in many other orgs – i’m currently working on an essay that’s 10 days late – you might know me as the abg guy but i am a changed man – yes i’ll be ur friend – i wanna be ur big