Josiephine Duong

Year: 2nd

College: Warren

Major: General Biology

Minor: Psychology

Favorite Things: Game of Thrones, FRIENDS, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, John Hughes movies, Marvel, Jeffree Star and Bretman Rock, I’ll listen to anything really 🙂

Favorite Hobbies: Playing around with makeup, piano, sending people weird YouTube videos, I enjoy dancing like a grandma with friends so join in, bothering friends, going out for food and whatnot

What are you looking for in a Little?

Funny, Be wholesome and hoesome lmao. Getchu a litto that can do both. Genuine, open-minded, be open with me I like listening so don’t be afraid to talk to me about shit LOL. I will spontaneously show up at your door so be prepared for that .

I’m pretty open, so future little(s), ask or tell me anything. I love listening and giving advice to the best of my abilities! I wanna grow with y’all :3