Kim Bui

Year: 2nd

College: Muir

Major: Math-CS

Favorite Things: Friends, all the marvel movies, kdramas (too many favs to list), kpop, milk tea, ice cream, pho, kbbq, sushi, almost any Asian food

Favorite Hobbies: trying new food, hanging out with friends, playing board/card games, swimming, online shopping, reading … subtitles, binge watching netflix or kdramas all day long, taking a nice long nap

What are you looking for in a Little?

looking for a little who is funny, chill, studious .. ish (we can procrastinate together), down for spontaneous food trips, super cute, and loves milk tea as much as I do

how you doin’? it’s Kim here!! if you’re looking for a big, you came to the right place. I am in the Cup Noodle Fam and we are all happy to welcome you into our small fam/line. Get ready to go on food adventures and spontaneous milk tea trips. I will almost never say no to eating out, which is hurting my wallet, but oh well. Need a study buddy?? Not sure if I’ll just be a distraction or actually really productive with you, but I’ll be there!! Hit me up with any problems: advice on classes, which professors to take, what kdramas to watch, what’s the best boba place, and more. I’ll do my best to give you advice. Choose me as your big, and you’ll find more about me. I’m super excited to meet you soon!! 🙂 btw please ignore my glasses glare. my picture is slightly old. no longer have braces hehe