Lillian Nguyen

Year: 2nd

College: Warren

Major: Speculative Design – Design/Computing Emphasis

Minor: Cognitive Science – Interaction Design

Favorite Things: Anything yellow, aesthetic staircases, durian, memes, kpop, anime

Favorite Hobbies: making art, cooking, dancing, looking at memes, sleeping in various places, getting boba, hugging people

What are you looking for in a Little? 

Someone who’s down to aDvEnTuRE, who’s chill and doesn’t mind a lowkey clingy biggo

Hi littos~~
It’s me, your future biggo!! I’m highkey clingy asf so if you’re looking for a big to spoil you with love and attention, you’ve definitely got the right person. I’ll be there for you at all hours of the day (I pull lots of all nighters so I got you, even at 4am) whether you need someone to vent to, advice, or just want to send me some lit memes. Whether you want to be wholesome or hoesome, I’ll be there with you every step of the way! :^)