Matthew Pham

 Year: 4th

College: ERC

Major: Math-CS

Favorite Things: anime stuff: boku no hero academia (also movie), attack on titan, code geass, death note, youtube: calebcity, music: edm, rap, hip hop

Favorite Hobbies: maplestory 2, watch anime, csgo, watching any esports (smash melee, CSGO, fortnite, league worlds), gym, possibly raves maybe kind of absolutely

What are you looking for in a Little?

wholesome af, no drugs, no sex, no alcohol, and no fucking raves. Jk, honestly just someone who is active in vsa and will continue my line :'(

You can roast the shit out of me and I won’t be offended. I laugh at everything and make the dumbest jokes, so if you’re into that, you’re in for a treat xD. I use xD ironically to make fun of people who use it but i use it way too much oops xD. I won friendliest friendo in VSA last year so I guess i’m pretty friendly.