Michael Tran

Year: 2nd year Transfer

College: Warren

Major: Cog Sci Machine Learning/Neural Computation

Minor: Computer Science Minor

Favorite Things: I’m a huge simp and edm enthusiast. I love alina baraz, sabrina claudio, daniel caesar, lauv, joji, etc. I also love edm, illenium, porter, other basic abg artists, as well as lots of sound cloud mixes. Ya better believe we gonna have those 3am simp hours where we cry about who hurt us.

Favorite Hobbies: DANCE! I love dancing, im mediocre at best but like its still fun. I also enjoy raving a lil bit, occasional party, binging kdramas, watchin anime, playing videogames. I’m a big nerd with a little bit of an outgoing side.

What are you looking for in a little?

One of the biggest qualities I would like in a little is if they enjoy dance. My family has 2 amazing dancers and I want one of my littles to be a dancer. I also want a little that would be willing to try new things and explore. I want someone who’s down to hang out, down to study, down to drink, down to party, down to rave ;), etc.

I’m actually quite a shy person, I open up a lot and become super bubbly once you get to know me. This is my last year at SD and I want to give my little the best experience I can. You don’t need to be into raving or drinking and stuff but like, give it a shot! I just want to show you as many experiences as I can because my big did the same for me and it helped me grow a lot as a person and was a big defining college experience for me.