Nguyen Nguyen

Year: 3rd

College: Marshall

Major: Physiology & Neuroscience

What are you looking for in a little?:
Someone who’s down for food adventures, getting lit!!!! (if you rave/want to rave, that is a huge plus hehe), being studious because school’s important too, jamming out with music sessions in the car/anywhere really, being able to have deep/meaningful conversations, being stupid together, pretty much a little bit of everything that can make our friendship amazing

– Music!! I love playing the piano and I mentioned a bit already so again, hit me up to find out more!

– Photography; I’ve stepped away from it recently because of school starting again but it’s a good hobby of mine! If you want your own personal photographer as your big, then you already know who to go to 😉

– Basketball; I keep up with the NBA and I’ve been a fan practically my whole life so if you want someone to passionately debate with about this topic, I’m your guy

– Concerts, festivals, etc. I’ll probably be there a lot if I’m not at school or work LMAO – Other than these, I mainly spend time with friends and focus on school/my career bc pre-med life is great :’) feel free to hit me up if you have any questions about it!

Fave things:
Movies: Marvel films, Studio Ghibli films; I haven’t watched too many movies but I’m open to watching more!
TV shows: The Good Place, Brooklyn 99, Queer Eye, anything with John Mulaney, anime (yes I watch anime, you can ask me more about this in person)
Music: open to many diff genres, but my favorites/the ones I gravitate to the most are: R&B, soul, Korean R&B, EDM; favorite artists at the moment include NIKI, Jeremy Zucker, SG Lewis, Dabin, Gryffin, ILLENIUM, Seven Lions, SLANDER, Daniel Caesar, Miguel, offonoff, Sam Kim, DPR Live, etc. honestly i can go ON AND ON about music so you just need to hit me up to find out more :’)

Super excited to meet you Little(s)!! Really looking forward to bonding with you and spoiling you (maybe not too much because I’m pretty poor LOL). Whoever wants me as their big, I’d love to get to know you better and form that connection with ya so I’ll see you soon enough 🙂