Nguyen Nguyen

Year: 2nd

College: Marshall

Major: Physiology & Neuroscience

Favorite Things: Hawaii Five-0, Avengers, music, food (I’m huge on soups [ramen, hotpot, shabu, etc.] and meat [KBBQ, fried chicken, etc.]), boba (who doesn’t love boba honestly), the beach, driving (might sound weird but it’s super therapeutic for me; also I have a car so I can drive us around hehehe)

Favorite Hobbies: Music/playing piano, playing basketball, going out to eat or to the beach, sleeping (lmao), photography (I shoot portraits!)

What are you looking for in a Little?

Someone who is:

– Always down for food/boba runs

– Super into music (listening/playing; doesn’t matter)

– Down to be a part of photography shoots (I’m still learning but I’d love to shoot new people (: )

– Open-minded/open to trying new things

– Down to TURN UP or simp :’)

– Chill

– Trustworthy; someone who I can confide to and vice versa

– (most important) someone who can be close to or being one of my best/closest friends

Little!! I’m really looking forward to meeting you! Hopefully we won’t be too busy during the school year to hang out and get to know each other because I am sooooo ready to spoil you and make sure you know that you have an awesome Big in me hehe I may or may not be a little shy initially depending on how I meet you HAHA but I hope you know that I can’t wait to pick you up. I’ll see you soon!