Nick Pham

Year: 2nd

Major: Kinesiology

Favorite Things: I love many things but 2000 THROWBACK MUSIC, SPANISH MUSIC, R&B/Hiphop/EDM, I watch a lot of sports (NFL, Rugby, Soccer), FOOD & DESSERTS, BROTHER NATURE, LONGBEACHGRIFFY, DISNEY & MARVEL.

Favorite Hobbies: Men’s Physique Bodybuilding, soccer, rugby, hiking, breakdancing, photoshoots, making memes, studying my major, squad road trips, finding food places/new spots, and being a child of god.

What are you looking for in a Little?

A little who is -Willing to yike to country music -Sing throwback 2000 songs in the car with me -On the real, someone who is looking to step outside their comfort zone -Someone to guide -Super down, open mindedness, adventurous -Able to work hard and play hard -Goal oriented

What’s HATNIN littles! It’s your big Nick Pham here aka YIKEGOD9000 Instagram: @nick.pham MySpace: SIKE U THOUGHT A little background about myself, I’m a 2nd year at Mira Costa College majoring in Kinesiology (Pursuing Physical Therapy) I work at ZARA part-time (I’ll make sure you look FRESH TO DEATH and hook you up with my discount) I was very active my first year of college in VSA and now, I am Co-Social Chair for VSA. My ACE: Fam is called Cute & Cocky (Awarded Best Fam of VSA 2018 *cough *cough) I played competitive soccer since I was 4-18 years old, 15-17 years old I was on a choreo Hip-Hop Team/Bboy Crew, played rugby at 16-18 years old, and now I compete in Men’s Physique Bodybuilding. I’m very open and non-judgemental. As your big I will push you to be a better version of yourself both mentally and physically. I will always be there for you and guide you when I can. IF YOU GOT BABY MAMA DRAMA OR SOME FUCKBOY BE PLAYING YOU, I GOT YOU FAM. I will make sure you’re on top of your academics, because in my fam we work hard, and play hard 🙂 I am a Men’s Physique Competitor, if you’re interested in taking care of your body, sculpting your physique, diet tips, etc. I GOT YOU FAM, SAY NO MORE. I used to look anorexic and be insecure about myself, so I can guide you to success. I’m from a non-asian area, my squad consist of (Latino, Black, & White), I’m the only asian guy haha. I didn’t even know what an ABG was till my first year of college fam (I WENT TO GARDEN GROVE FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE I WAS 4 THIS SUMMER). You don’t have to put up a front, JUST BE YOURSELF. You don’t have to act like you party or anything related. I’ll accept you for who you are. WE KEEP IT 0-100 REAL QUICK. If someone is bullying you, lmk will squad up on their asses. I’ll beat their ass while you record JKJK no violence 😉 Be ready for squad road trips, boba runs, NEW EXPERIENCES, STUDYING, NEW FRIENDS and GOOD VIBES! -Your Big, Nick Pham $