Rina Chau

Year: 3rd

College: Warren

Major: Vis Art – Speculative Design

Favorite Things: I like gorey movies like Pulp Fiction and visually appealing movies like Her. I usually only watch mukbangs or food-related Youtube videos because I have a short ass attention span, and food keeps me enticed. I used to watch a lot of tv shows (The Office, HIMYM, PLL) and anime (my fav genre was sport animes), but not so much now! I rarely dip into EDM unfortunately, but my favorite genre of music is anything slow and sawft and/or smexy. I love R&B throwbacks (Neyo, The-Dream, TLC typa shit), modern R&B (Mac Ayers, Daniel Caesar, Miguel typa shit), and indie (Rex, King Krule, Omar Apollo). However, we multi-faceted out here. I also like old hip-hop (Nas, MF Doom, ATCQ), modern hip-hop/rap (Tyler the Creator, Brockhampton, Duckwrth, Rejjie Snow), bay area bangers (Too $hort, Keak da Sneak, E-40, P-Lo, Mac Dre), Sage the Gemini, and YG.

Favorite Hobbies: I try to dedicate a lot of time to the gym, though I haven’t really found time for it recently. I only have two types of workout days: leg day and EBL (everything but leg) day. Over the summer, I went 4-6 days a week consistently, and I’m trying to get back into that habit! I cook at home most of the time, and I’ve really enjoyed learning how to make Vietnamese food. I don’t have a car, so I rarely visit home. Getting Viet food is a hassle in SD, so making Viet food at home gives me a sense of nostalgia. Other than that, I like to create! I like making videos and art in general. I’m trying to get into more traditional art like acrylics, but I did digital art mostly.

What are you looking for in a Little?

Low maintenance, can appreciate silence and do chill shit, but ALSO know/want to know how to get mf down ’cause my bitchass is from the bay. If you know, then you know. Just kidding, I retired from partying so I’m down for wholesome stuff, BUUUUT if you like to throw it back/catch some ass, I will be a very motivating and supportive big. (I say this, but honestly I’m just looking for someone whose company I enjoy & vice versa hehe)

Hi future little(s)! One thing I think you should know is that I’m a bit slow to warm up to. Even though my appearance can be quite loud and bright, I can actually be kinda awkward and quiet. However, when I get to know someone, I open up a ton! If we match up, I am probably really interested in getting to know you, but I hope you can be patient with me! College is difficult to navigate, especially if you’re an underclassman, so I want to be someone who can help you grow as an individual during these times. Also, I will never pressure you into substances if you choose, so we can do wholesome stuff like cook and study! BUT if you DO like to party and drink, I’ll be there for u in times of extreme messiness even if u are yakking and your face is in the toilet bowl don’t ask me why that’s so specific Also, our fam is also pretty small, but we are really close to Cute & Cocky (Valerie/Nick’s fam), so just know if we go to a function we’re probably going with them lol