Ryan Nguyen

Year: 2nd

College: Marshall

Major: Human Biology

Favorite Things: Cupcakke, “Mooo” by Doja Cat, Virtual Self, Bad Bunny, The Eric Andre Show, cursed images, chain texts, lens flare memes, ethnic studies, diversity, documentaries, just memes in general

Favorite Hobbies: Learning foreign languages, hitting up the weight room, sending memes to my friends, playing “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion on the recorder

What are you looking for in a Little?

A little who’s wild, woke, extra, curious, open-minded, meme-y, and/or GAY AF.

Whats up✌VSA, it’s ya daddy‍‍Ryan, the m*therf***ingmemekingof UCSD VSA. I’m extraas fuckand I’m lookingfor a littlewho can matchor surpassme. If you wanna get that fatCULO️‍♂️, speak Spanish, become WOKE, or just send memesto each other, you knowwho to put down⬇. Now get on your handsand on your knees⛪with me and say, “WE WANT THE D!”