Shayna Quach

Year: 3rd

College: Sixth

Major: Psychology/Cognitive Psych

Favorite Things: I looove getting food like ramen, korean food, dry pot, taco stand, bobo!! Movies: marvel, disney, action, rom coms, etc. TV Shows: HIMYM, agents of shield, flash, cooking shows, idk there’s so many Music: anything really!! edm like kygo, illenium, etc. to r&b or simpy like frank ocean, troye Sivan I love dogs esp corgis.

Favorite Hobbies: Eating hehe, shopping, driving places, music festivalss, chilling & simping, board games, tagging friends in memes, looking at dogs!!!

What are you looking for in a Little? 

Someone who is open minded & down to go do things!! Down to randomly go eat, shop, go to “music festivals”, watch shows, play games, talk, explore, take pictures, simp 🙂

Will probs spoil ya bc it’s my last year y’know I’ll vroom vroom us to go get food and talk, come join me 🙂