Thien-An Pham

Year: 3rd

College: Marshall

Major: Pure Mathematics/Math Education

Favorite Things: I love watching doctor shows, and comedy shows. My current favorites right now are New Amsterdam and The Good Place. I am obsessed with Shane Dawson and watching 1 million dance studio videos. My favorite genre of music is V-pop, pop, R&B, hip hop and rap. My favorite song at the moment is 2002 by Anne-Marie.

Favorite Hobbies: I like to ice skate and dance in my free time. I’m not a good ice skater though…or a good dancer… BUT ITS FUN ((: I also like to learn new words in different languages. I like to play board games ((none of that monopoly stuff though)) like reallllllll board games (avalon, resistance, midnight werewolf, betrayal of house on the hill, etc.)

What are you looking for in a Little?

energetic, open to talk about anything, funny, spontaneous

I have an annual pass to Disneyland and I love going every chance that I get ((so we could go anytime or just go to LA and explore XD)). I also dye my hair a different color every 3 months and I want to do silver next. I am a super outgoing and open person, I love talking about anything and everything although I am not really good at comforting people I will hug them until they stop crying (: . I work at the ice rink but even though I have a job I still don’t have any money in my bank account. Fun Fact: I am 4’10ish so I am not a legal midget because I am a little taller than 4’10. Another fun fact I used to do gymnastics for 8 years so I can still do the splits and back bend which isn’t really useful for anything tbh but… I hate running and most physical exercise because in the summer of my junior->senior year of high school I trained with cross country and my knees gave out. Even after physical therapy and chiropractors I can’t walk up hills or stairs for a long time anymore. Therefore I am physically… a grandma. I also only eat one meal a day. I don’t eat breakfast and then I either eat lunch or dinner. I have little snacks in between though sometimes. Last fun fact: my hair is kinda long so sometimes I like to tuck it into the pockets of my shorts ((: