Timothy Tran

Year: 2nd

College: Marshall

Major: General Biology

Favorite Things: anime, edm, rap, rnb, foods (you can’t go wrong with any kind of food), boba (this deserves its own mention), video games, and going back home to OC for that dank food

Favorite Hobbies: maplestory 2, watching anime, partaking in the arts specifically in the form of music events, video games, eating, and simpin while drinking boba

What are you looking for in a Little?

down af, always available for late night boba runs, open-minded, weeb/raver?, and spontaneous

I’m no instigator, but if you’re down you’re down. Food is life, so if you’re my little, there’s a good chance I’ll hook you up from food from either Convoy or OC. Oh, I always love helping people out so if you’re ever in the need of emotional support or just advice on something just HMU. btw my sun is a sagittarius, my rising is a leo, and my moon is a libra