Timothy Tran

Year: 3rd

College: Marshall 

Major: Data Science

What are you looking for in a little?: down af, always available for late night boba runs, open-minded, weeb/raver, and spontaneous

Hobbies: smash, watching anime, partaking in the arts specifically in the form of music events, video games, eating, and simpin while drinking boba

Fave things: boba, anime, edm, rap, rnb, food (you can’t go wrong with any kind of food), boba (this deserves its own mention), video games, and going back home to OC for that dank food and boba

I’m no instigator, but if you’re down you’re down. Food is life, so if you’re my little, there’s a good chance I’ll hook you up from food from either Convoy or OC. Oh, I always love helping people out so if you’re ever in the need of emotional support or just advice on something just HMU. btw my sign is sagittarius