Valerie Lam

Year: 4th

College: Sixth

Major: Theatre with a focus in Light Design

Favorite Things:  She loves: The Handmaiden (korean lesbian thriller wut), Wasabi (french/japanese cheesy action okie), One Piece (og weeb feelz), Yuka Kinoshita (gobble gobble), TheLineUp (kweenz), Ted animations (tbh they so good), Top 5 ghost bullshit. my music is all over the place sis. we love rl grime, yg, troyboi, jay rock, mac ayres, hairspray sound tracks, lala land soundtracks, etc. we get musicaly wild okie.

Favorite Hobbies:  What do we love doing. U tell me sis.

What are you looking for in a Little?

Looking for a shittle, I mean little, who does the following tings including but not limited to: down af, open to trying NEW tings hehe, we love an art hoe, or tbh let’s just talk and see if we connect bc yuh hehe

bjvbafiehurbiegr hai shittle oof i mean lil be prepared and u’ll figure out later what i mean.