Virginia Tran

Year: 3rd

College: Marshall

Major: Human Biology

Favorite Things: Criminal minds. LOVE DOGGGOSS!!, i am a major foodie, i love boba, drawing, singing, watching movies, korean dramas, WahLie TV, i also love buzzfeeed tastu videos and worth it videos, RnG and HipHop, early 2000s music, i like soft edm, i love simpy music (khalid, daniel caesar). I love spending time with those that i care about, family means a lot to me, i like taking care of people.

Favorite Hobbies: drawing, singing, eating, sleeping, doing nothing all day, hanging out with y friends, hiking, walking my dog/taking her to the dog park. I also enjoy cleaning

What are you looking for in a Little? 

i wan looking for a little because i want to give him/her a memorable VSA experience just how my big did for me. VSA played a very large part in my college experience and I want it to do the same for some else as well. I also want to make sure that my line stays active because my big is graduating and soon, I will be too.

HULLOOOOO! My name is Virginia! Like the state! I am generally a happy go lucky person who is pretty optimistic. I love it when people are happy so i try my best to maintain a positive attitude. Im very easy going but if you piss me off then all hell breaks lose (but das ok because it takes a lot to piss me off). I really really really love dogs. I want to start open up a dog sanctuary later in my life. I also really like to blast music and lay in bed and just enjoy a nice quiet day to myself. Im only 4′ 11″ but thats okk! they call me funsized. I make it my purpose to take care of the poeple in my life and people say that i am really good at listening and giving advice and thats something that i am proud of. I, really in touch with my artistic side (some say its because im left handed) so i really enjoy drawing, painting, sketching and crafting in general. One of my proudest things in life are my notes because theyre just so color coded and pretty HAHA. To my future littles: I want to be the one that you go to for everything. When you need help with classes, when you want to go get food, when you want to be in the presence of another person, when you have good news or bad news. I want to be a great resource for my little/littles and I want them to learn how to balance all the crucial things in life like friends, family and school. I will take care of them to the best of my abilities so all i ask is for them to love me back TT__TTT